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Why choose Continental Tyres

Why Continental

Why Continental

We strive for nothing less than excellence.


Since we were founded in 1871, Continental has worked for one ultimate goal: to bring safety to the streets without compromising driving comfort or pleasure. Early inventions included the world’s first tyre with tread pattern in 1904, to the visionary eContact electric vehicle tyre range and our technological automotive innovations – we constantly develop our expertise in mobility, transport and processing. 

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Every day we have over 200,000 highly-skilled employees in 53 countries producing forward-thinking solutions and products, as well as operating and delivering at an impeccable standard. 

This is why we are one of the most trusted tyre brands. When braking counts, you can count on us.

See why Continental is the right choice for your car: 

Auto Express Awards

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We are the first manufacturer to win summer, winter and all-season tyre tests in a single year from the weekly car magazine, Auto Express.

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Best in braking

Perfect braking performance

Continental understands the streets of the world – and how to brake on them.

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German engineering

German Engineering

As the inventers of the first tread pattern tyre in the world, Continental seeks to prove this inventive spirit with every new product.

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Leading the way in safety

Aquaplaning Contidrom

Before any Continental innovation goes into production, it is tested intensively.

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Automotive expertise

Automotive Expertise

Since 1995, Continental has developed major key technologies for safer and more comfortable driving.

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Original equipment

Original Equipment

Car manufacturers only use premium tyres that conform to the highest quality standards.

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Tyre Mounting Safety Instruction

Tyre Mounting Safety Instruction

Tyre Mounting Safety Instruction for all Tyre Brands of Continental AG.

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