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Continental is the leading original equipment provider in the European market.

Original Equipment for Opel

Discover the perfect tyre for your Opel.

Opel places extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles and, as a result, demand the very best from the tyres approved for each vehicle. No matter if it’s winter tyres for the cold season or summer tyres for the scorching heat and wet roads – Continental’s OE tyres are “tailor-made” for your Opel.

We offer a wide range of winter and summer tyres, which ensures a perfect fit with your Opel. Explore elaborately tested safety without compromising in your Opel's driving performance.

With over 800 vehicle models and wheel sizes between 13 and 23 inches, it’s not a matter of chance that Opel and other leading car manufacturers trust Continental’s expertise as the main supplier of original equipment. That makes us Europe’s first choice among initial fitters and demonstrates the product’s exceptional quality.

Original equipment tyre for Opel

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