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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and Electronic-Tyre Information System

Driving safety and comfort are directly related to the condition of the tyres. Around 40 per cent of all sudden tyre breakdowns, for example, are due to under-inflated tyres.

The systems developed by Continental, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system and Electronic-Tyre Information System, permanently monitor the tyre’s inflation pressure and will reliably alert you of any loss of pressure.

If your car’s tyres are under-inflated by just 0.3 bars, the vehicle will consume around 1.5 per cent more fuel, which will increase its carbon dioxide emissions and cost you more money.

With our technologies to alert you of lower tyre pressure levels, it means enhanced driving safety, a reduction in your carbon footprint and improved fuel economy. 


New statutory regulation for Europe

The European Commission has passed a law that requires Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems on all new models as of 2012 and all new cars as of 2014 – as is already the case in the US.

A lot of vehicles already include Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems as standard equipment. These systems will make their data available to other systems, such as the braking system.

With our range of innovate technologies and products we are well positioned to tackle future requirements and make motoring even safer, more environmentally-friendly and comfortable, as well as make tyre management easier for drivers.

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